Isolation Resources (Fitness, Spiritual, Fun, & More)

April 09, 2020 3 min read

Isolation Resources (Fitness, Spiritual, Fun, & More)

I will get back to regular business posts soon, but for now it still doesn't feel quite right. With this blog, I want to offer some resources that you may not have come across yet - we all need different things during this difficult time so hopefully something in here will peek your interest and offer guidance, a great workout, or even some much needed laughter



Beach Body ~ massive selection of various workouts ~ 14 day free trial ~ $49 for 3 months

Booya Fitness~ various workouts ~ 30 day free trial ~ $9.99 USD monthly

Caravan Wellness ~ various workouts; also lots of mediation & other wellness ~ 14 day free trial ~ $19.99 USD monthly

Daily Burn ~ various workouts ~ 30 day free trial ~ $14.99 USD monthly

Fitness Blender ~ various workouts ~ free on Youtube

NW Method ~ various workouts; emphasis on dance ~ $60 USD monthly

PopSugar Fitness ~ various workouts ~ free on Youtube

Physique57 ~ Barre workouts (no equipment needed) ~ 7 day free trial ~ $24.99 USD monthly

Tracy Anderson~ various workouts ~ 14 day free trial ~ $90 USD monthly


Alo Moves~ 14 day free trial ~ $20 USD monthly

Do You Yoga~ 14 day free trial ~ $12 USD monthly

Glo~ yoga & pilates ~ 14 day free trial ~ $18 USD monthly

KinoYoga~ on Youtube ~ free

My Yoga Works~ 14 day free trial ~ $15 USD monthly

Yoga With Adriene ~ on Youtube ~ free

Yogi Approved Classes~ 7 day free trial ~ $14 USD monthly


Gaia~ online spiritual documentaries, yoga, meditation, and much more ~ 7 day free trial ~$14.99 CAD monthly 

The Honest Guys ~ free Youtube channel with lots of quality meditations

Gabby Bernstein ~ Facebook page is current with daily spiritual guidance videos

Lee Harris ~ energy update video and text from this world renowned medium

Seane Corn ~ one of my favourite celebrity yoga teachers; active page with resources plus live Sunday morning Instagram 'yoga church'



Duolingo ~ learn a new language for free

Free University Courses ~ this website article has a huge list of free courses from all the top universities

Goolge Arts & Culture~ explore famous landmarks; free

Hello Talk ~ learn a new language for free and make new international friends

Ted Talks ~ fascinating videos from a variety of speakers

The Great Courses ~ huge variety of courses for personal - prices vary greatly for individual courses or you getThe Great Courses Plus and stream all you want for $49.95USD a month ~ free trial available ~ huge variety of courses; both business and personal - prices vary but many found around $20 each


Khan Academy ~ various courses for free for all ages; high quality content

Ted Ed~ amazing selection of free videos; great quality and for all ages

IXL~ not a free option but price is great for what you get (we think); amazing option for anyone who wants to give their kids fully guided and marked lessons

Mark RoberPhysics GirlKurzgesagt ~ free Youtube Channels with a Science focus that even your kids will enjoy

CrashCourse ~ free Youtube Channel that has a huge variety of learning courses


Mr Bean ~ seriously hilarious and super family friendly; absolutely everyone will love these

Professor Live, Pavel Barber ~ really entertaining Youtube Channels for sports fans (and even surprisingly fun for those who don't like sports!)

Whose Line is it Anyway~ completely inappropriate for kids but an absolute riot for adults; this will have you in stitches

Carol Burnett, Dick Van Dyke ~ especially love by seniors; give them something to enjoy on their devices with these Youtube Channels

Jimmy Falon, Ellen ~ family fun Youtube Channels for lots of modern laughs


Hope you find something in this list useful. And if you have any other great links please leave a comment below with it so others can see and benefit from your resources as well! 

Please stay isolated and stay safe. Until next time,

If you like these resources and looking for more, please check out Deets4 social media platforms as they are posting more useful resources daily. 

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