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    If it's a brand we already carry then we likely can - either contact us or check out our Special Order pages.

    No.... and although we could write a book on this we’ll try to keep it brief. The products and brands we carry are very carefully selected to be as safe and healthy as possible and many of them contain lots of organic ingredients, but certification is not our most important criteria. We prefer to look at the big picture of the ingredients when deciding if it’s the right brand for us.  Some things we consider are:

    Are the good ingredients token ones or real ones? What we mean is….many (and we do mean many) brands will use mostly water, lots of other cheap filler ingredients, and add in a few good quality organic ingredients and then call themselves an organic brand. Having a few good quality organic ingredients doesn’t do much if the rest of the ingredients are either harmful and/or not useful (normally used because they are cheap rather than being used because they are good for your skin). 

    Also – some of our brands use ingredients that are wildcrafted and therefore not available as organic ingredients (but even better!); sometimes an ingredient is not available as an organic option; organic is great and we try to carry brands with many organic ingredients, but we prefer to look at all the ingredients and make sure the brand is consistently using high quality (i.e. not cheap harmful filler ingredients) ingredients that are both good for you and effective for your skin issues.

    It varies among products and among brands, but typically most products have a shelf life of about two year unopened, and anywhere between six months to a couple years opened (oil based products will keep much longer than water based products so it does vary significantly – for most products dates will be on bottles and check with us if you have a specific question).

    One of the reasons we don’t carry too many brands is that we like to make sure our stock is fresh. We carry brands that we sell a lot of so nothing stays on the shelves for too long and if it does we will put it on sale long before the best before date with a note on it stating so. Our facial skin care brands are our really big sellers and turnover on those is very high.

    Yes....for the products that need them. If we carried water-based products without preservatives, you’d get sick and/or diseases and we really don’t want that. Some oil based products don’t need preservatives (but do need ingredients to prevent rancidity, but water based products certainly do. We HATE the idea of having any preservatives in our products, but some are much safer than others and the dangers of not having them are far too great. Be wary of any products you see without proper preservatives…..we know the preservative world inside out and take care to carry brands that use the safest options available (and luckily there are some great new preservative options on the market these days). We do also carry some dry products (LOLI Beauty) that require mixing on your part so these are a great preservative free option.

    No, not all of them. There is no uniformity in the Certification world…..some certification boards have vastly different standards than others so saying that a brand is Certified Organic doesn’t always mean much (but it can depending on ‘which’ certification they have).  We like certified organic products of course but only really hold stock in the ones that have strict standards.

    This one is complicated! 

    We absolutely love what they are attempting to do (educate and inform people about making healthy choices) but there are too many limitations in their system for us to use them in our product selection process.

    To quickly name a few issues – (1) they don’t differentiate between various ingredient labeling systems….i.e. in Europe essential oils must be labeled as ‘fragrance’ but in North American that typically means artificial fragrance – as a result European brands are rated high because of the word fragrance even if it’s only referring to essential oils. (2) A product rated zero may be an amazing one, but it can also be an awful one since if they have no info on the ingredient they give it a zero – so really zero doesn’t mean much unless you investigate further. (3) they don’t differentiate between ingredients synthetic and natural versions of the same ingredient – for example many ingredients including essential oils can be derived synthetically or naturally but when they give an ingredient a number they don’t specifiy which type it is. 

    We are not recommending to avoid using the EWG Ratings; we are simply telling you why we don't use them and some things to be aware of.

    Product Recommendations

    You can either search our website by Skin Type, or you can send us an email and we’ll be happy to make some recommendations. Please be specific as to: what type of product(s) you’re looking for, your skin type, your age range, and your budget (low, med, high).

    For sure! Although we’re not opposed to phone calls for this, we typically prefer email since we can take a few minutes to think about what recommendations we want to give, we can give product links to products we recommend, and you also have our recommendations written down where you can refer to them again later.

    It’s best if you let us know:

    - your general age range

    - your skin type

    - your skin issues and/or concerns

    - a quick rundown on what you’re currently using

    - your general budget (i.e. budget friendly OR somewhere in the middle OR ‘I’m willing to pay for the most effective options’)


    Please see our Shipping page for complete details on shipping.

    Unless it’s a higher value shipment or there are weather concerns, it will be shipped to your home. See next question for winter guidelines (when it will likely be shipped to your post office).

    During the winter months your parcel will probably be shipped to your local post office for pick up; many of our products are in glass and will break if exposed to cold weather….we’ve noticed that most of the time the products break on the delivery trucks going to homes (they are not heated); so during the cold months we will ship parcels direct to post offices for pickup unless you happen to live in an area that is being temporarily blessed with great weather. 


    Please see our Refund Page for complete details.


    Our prices are in Canadian dollars. Take note….if you’re from the States, you’ll love our prices since the American dollar goes a long way in Canada; do a quick google search on any given amount (from Canadian to American dollars) to get price conversions.

    We accept Visa  and Mastercard as well as Email Money Transfers (no password is needed for EMTs since we have direct deposit – email address for EMTs is info@lilou-organics.com).

    We use an address verification safety system (to ensure no one is using your card but you)….most of the time when a card is declined, it’s because the Billing address does not match what the credit card company has on file for the card owner. Always ensure to use the billing address that your credit card company has on file for you otherwise the order will be declined with us.

    Your card has not actually been charged - these are just bank authorizations; let me explain. :)

    When you place an order with us, the first step is that an Authorization gets put on your card - meaning that your credit card company 'holds' the funds. Then, we always (done automatically through our system) request an Address Verification Check (AVS) from your credit card bank....this is done to ensure that it's you using your card and not someone else (so the address you enter in the Billing Info must always match the address your credit card company has on file for you).

    At this point, your bank either tells us that your card has passed the AVS (and the order goes from Authorized to Purchased)....OR .....the banks tells us the address doesn't match and we don't allow the order to be purchased so the card shows declined. The funds however are still in Authorization/hold status - each bank has a different number of days as to how long it takes for the Authorization/Hold status to disappear, but for most banks it's typically a couple days.

    I know this is a bit complicated but it is a normal process for online security and one that we will always uphold to ensure the safety of our customers; by using an Address Verification system, we ensure that no one is using your card but the rightful owner. Typically this is only an issue when the owner has put in an old address by mistake.

    We rarely offer discount codes. Rather than charge too much and offer sales, we prefer to keep our prices fair on a regular basis (if you figure out the American currency exchange on most of our products you’ll see our prices are excellent and that you would be paying more if you bought them directly from the manufacturing company – not to mention the duties, brokerage fees, and shipping you would have to pay; we also absorb those costs for you since we feel strongly about offering fair prices every day). Check out our Loyalty Points program if you’d like to get some more savings as a regular customer.

    My Account / Points

    No – you can purchase as a guest if you’d like. If you choose to have an account though you can earn and redeem reward points. 

    No problem – just send us an email and ask us to transfer the points manually for you.

    Just go to our Loyalty Rewards page and if you're logged in all the information you need will be there.


    No. We are a retail store so if you want to carry one of our brands you need to contact the companies directly.

    Not unless you have a proven record of honest reviews. If you think you’re a cut above the rest we’d love to hear from you so send us an email and if we like you we’ll be in touch.

    We are an online store. Open 24 hours a day! (so no physical location).

    We really like sloths, llamas, and monkeys. :) 

    Email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.