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  • Delicious Daily Immune System Booster

    March 04, 2020 3 min read

    Delicious Daily Immune System Booster

    I was planning on writing about collagen rich foods for helping combat wrinkles, but in light of the whole Corona Virus mayhem (COVID-19), it kinda didn't feel right....and I get asked A LOT about my crazy concoctions (yup I have a huge array of supplements to help our family avoid getting sick at the best of times).

    The easiest way to help boost your immune system (in my humble non-medical opinion), is with a daily shake full of vitamins and goodness! In our house the whole family gets one for breakfast every day (and even our teens love it; it's not green, and it's not awful).

    So aside from the obvious things everyone can be doing to protect themselves these days from any kind of flu (hand wash, hand wash, hand wash....), keeping your immune system in tip top shape is a really great strategy (especially considering hand sanitizers and face masks are pretty much sold out in the entire world right now). You can boost your immune system in many different ways (exercise, supplements, avoiding stress, etc) but for today I want to focus on this simple and awesome smoothie.

    Some (but not all - by any means!) immune boosting foods are:

    ~ berries ~ citrus ~ garlic ~ dark chocolate ~ oily fish ~ yogurt ~ dark greens ~ almonds ~ red peppers ~ sweet potatoes ~ sunflower seeds ~ broccoli ~ ginger ~ green tea ~ cabbage ~ elderberry ~ 

    Since it's pretty impossible (and gross?) to get all these in one meal, a shake is a great way to get a fair bit at once.

    Our shake recipe has:

    ~ blueberries ~ they contain 'flavonoids' which apparently not only help boost the immune system but can help specifically with the respiratory tract's immune defence system.

    ~ dark chocolate ~ this has what's called 'theobromine' which boosts the immune system by protecting the body from free radicals (molecules that damage your body's cells and contribute to disease)....

    ~ greens and reds powders ~ there are so many great brands in this area; we use Macrolife but go to any natural food store and you'll find a ton of options. It's very hard for anyone to get all the necessary beneficial superfoods into their daily diet so these powders are THE answer for getting your daily doses and more.


    When i say 'recipe' and 'smoothie' in the same sentence ...don't take it too seriously. There should never be hard set rules in any smoothie recipe - you don't need to measure, you can add other stuff if you want to - it's pretty much a free for all when it comes to smoothie recipes. Don't worry too much about getting it just right. 

    Except....the one thing I never change is the chocolate almond milk and the greens/reds powders - PLUS the berries (either one) must be in there to mask the taste of the greens powders. Without the berries it will taste 'healthy' rather than 'yummy'. 


    ~ 1 cup chocolate almond milk (or similar); or use half cup and then half cup water to save calories if you want

    ~ 1 scoop Greens Powders (Macrolife MacroGreens Superfood or similar)

    ~ 1 scoop Reds Powders (Macrolife Miracle Reds or similar)

    ~ 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, optional (Tera's Whey Powder or similar)

    ~ 1 square dark chocolate (Giddy Yo Yo or other good quality brand)‚Ä®

    ~ 1/4 cup blueberries (frozen is fine)‚Ä®

    ~ 1/4 cup cherries (frozen is fine)

    Blend all ingredients together - preferrably in a Vitamix (yup it's worth every penny).



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