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    March 05, 2024 4 min read

    Amazon Canada Finds You Will Absolutely Love!
    You're going to LOVE these Amazon Canada beauty related finds! While it's definitely a bit of a love/hate relationship with Amazon Canada for many of us, they do have some great products that are hard to find elsewhere without needing to run a ton of errands.

    Check our list of must have Amazon Canada beauty products - none of them are skincare, but all somehow beauty related. We get asked often about where we find a lot of the products we recommend, so thought it was a good idea to finally make a list of our favourite Amazon Canada products (for 2024). 

    Note: This post contains Amazon affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission from purchases made through these links. We only recommend products we've actually tried and tested. 


    Lange Hair Dryer Brush

    This hair dryer brush is amazing! Comes in two sizes for different lengths of hair and it works really well. I find it drys the hair quickly and does a beautiful job of making it look like a professional blow. There are a ton of videos on Youtube and social media about how to use it (it's not hard). FYI - If you have curly hair like I do, you don't have to straighten it first - just use this brush and it straightens it from wet. If you're just looking to do touch ups, just add a bit of water to your hair in the morning with a spray bottle and use the hair dryer brush to refresh it.  

    Buy on Amazon Canada here.


    Lange Hair Dryer Brush in Canada



    Compact Magnifying Mirror

    I don't know how anyone over the age of 40 who could function without one of these! For anyone who has little hairs that seem to grow like weeds on your chin, upper lip, brows....this is a must-have Amazon product. At a certain age you need the magnified one to be able to find them and having it light up is very helpful. If you're looking for a smaller version to travel, this one does not light up but it's mini so great for a carry-on bag.

    Buy on Amazon Canada here.

    Magnifying mirror for facial hair on Amazon Canada



    Silk Pillowcase (or Satin Pillowcase)

    This trend isn't new but if you haven't started using silk pillowcases they are really nice. Great for being gentle on the skin, they can help prevent wrinkles, minimize hair frizz, and regulate your body temperature through the night. If you can't afford silk, then satin has some of the same qualities at less cost. This particular pillowcase is real silk - it's beautiful and has a nice zipper at the end so it stays put as well (I don't hand wash it - but I don't put it in the dryer; no issues with putting it in the washer for me).

    Buy on Amazon Canada here.

    Silk pillowcase from Amazon Canada



    Lazy Susan (Beauty Product Organizer)

    If you keep any beauty products in a cupboard in your bathroom (or in the hallway) this lazy Susan is a great way to organize your skincare products (or organize your makeup). I have two of them in my bathroom cabinet and I use them for hair products and skincare. Or, you can use it in your kitchen as well, or even on a dresser in the bedroom; they're great!

    Buy on Amazon Canada here.

    Lazy Susan clear swivel organizer for makeup on Amazon Canada.



    Pretty Bluetooth Speaker

    I know this isn't a beauty item but I like to listen to music while I'm taking a bath or doing my skincare routine and I don't like how mundane most of the bluetooth speakers are. This bluetooth speaker is so pretty and it feels very spa-like in the bathroom!  

    Buy on Amazon Canada here.



    Facial Steamer

    Another great product to make you feel like it's a spa in your home. Elevate your skincare routine by using a facial steamer periodically - it's best used after cleansers/exfoliates and before serums/moisturzers/masks. The steam opens up your pores so it can ramp up the results of your skincare products.

    Buy on Amazon Canada here.

    Facial steamer from Amazon Canada



    Precision Cotton Swabs (Q Tips) 

    A small thing, but important for anyone using eyeliner; these are so much more precise than regular q-tips so they're perfect for helping to make a straight line or just removing excess makeup in the wrong spots. 

    Buy on Amazon Canada here.

    Precision Cotton Swabs



    Stimulate your skincare and help prevent wrinkles with a guasha! Gua Sha's are excellent for improved circulation, facial muscle relaxation, lymphatic drainage, and more. Gua Sha's help release stagnation and blockages in the facial area with regular usage - just a few minutes a day is all you need; try adding a two minute guasha contouring to your nighttime skincare routine (lots of instructional videos on social media or YouTube).

    Buy on Amazon Canada here.

    Jade GuaSha Canada



    Mini Fridge

    Isn't this just the cutest?! Aside from prolonging the life of your skincare products, keeping them in the cold also soothes the skin and reduces inflammation. Cooling skincare can have a temporary tightening affect on the skin and can minimize the appearance of pore and fine lines. It also just feels great on a hot day (or for hot flashes). 

    Buy on Amazon Canada here.

    Mini fridge from Amazon Canada



    Ultimate Foot File

    If you can't figure out how to get your feet as smooth as when you get a pedicure, this will solve your foot issues. This foot file will get your heels baby soft guaranteed, but you need to use it on wet feet or you'll damage yourself pretty badly. Just use it after a bath or shower and you'll love the results. 

    Buy on Amazon Canada here.

    Best foot file for pedicures in Canada



    Bath OverFlow Drain Cover

    Another small product that makes a big difference. Get a couple extra inches of water in your bathtub with this simple but effective plastic cover. Works like a charm and makes even a regular bathtub feel like a luxury one!

    Buy on Amazon Canada here.

    Bath tub cover for overflow from Amazon Canada.



    Hope you enjoyed our list of Amazon Canada finds; as always please let us know if you have any questions (or if you want more recommendations; we found it hard to narrow these down to just this list of our Amazon favourites!).



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