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  • Marie Veronique's Revolutionary Multi-Retinol Emulsion

    April 25, 2023 5 min read

    Marie Veronique's Revolutionary Multi-Retinol Emulsion

    Best Retinol Serum

    Marie Veronique continues to push the boundaries of what's possible....years ago it was thought of as impossible to create a clean and natural prescription-grade retinol; it's a delicate beast and the logistics behind formatting it without the typical mainstream microbiome-damaging preservatives is no easy task. Marie Veronique has perfected this with their latest new product - the Multi-Retinol Emulsion. 

    The partnership between Marie Veronique and celebrity facialist Kristina Holey has resulted in an award-winning line up of topicals for all skin types (even the most sensitive)... and this newest addition of their Multi-Retinol Emulsion has peaked more interest than any other product we've ever carried (and we've been around for almost 20 years!). 

    In a longer than normal post, we're going to go into detail about this product...mostly because we've had so much interest about it and because we want to provide more in-depth information then you get from the product page. 

    Prescription Retinol

    • mainstream prescription products use 'retinoic acid' (not retinol) and it's a very stable ingredient that is easy to formulate with, however 'retinols' are a much more vulnerable ingredient that is prone to oxidizing and degrades easily - meaning it's very hard to encapsulate (i.e. make it more gentle, effective, allow slow-release)
    • in prescription or mainstream retinols product, the retinoic acid is released immediately and in quantities it deems are correct, while with the Marie Veronica encapsulated retinol, your body determines how much is needed and only takes as much as is needed; this is important because if your body/skin is getting excessive amounts of retinoic acid, it will show signs of distress (redness, irritation, dryness, darkening, peeling, etc)....these are very common side effects of prescription or mainstream retinol products and this is known as 'retinization'¬†

    Natural Retinol - Why a 'Multi'-Retinol?

    • the Marie Veronique Multi-Retinol uses three different types of retinol ingredients to create a stronger all-around age delayer than simply opting for a higher percentage of retinol (the latter is not more effective)
    • it's microbiome friendly since it doesn't use harsh preservatives (BHA/BHT) that can disrupt your skin's microbiome
    • it's essential-oil free so there are no ingredients in it that aren't there with the sole use of being beneficial to your skin; plus less chance of irritation without essential oils
    • formulated with encapsulated retinol, retinol sunflowerseedate (retinoid), and bakuchiol; the bakuchiol is a photo-retinol that has similar effects to retinol.¬†
    • all three work together to improve the appearance and structure of the skin, improve user experience, and inhibit the inflammation that causes the skin to show aging

    Retinol Strength and Retinol Percentages

    • higher percentage is not always better! More research into this field in recent years has shown that not only is retinol better to use because it's more gentle and safer, but will have the same desired outcomes (minus the detrimental effect of ingredients that act as stabilizers, fillers, emulsifiers, harsh preservatives, etc that are found in mainstream/prescription retinoic acids.)
    • the synergistic approach of having 2 retinols (plus the bakuchiol) makes this a stronger all around age delayer than if you opt for a higher percentage retinol (or prescription retinol) - when you apply a high % prescription retinoid you're giving the skin a large amount all at once, but a time released encapsulated retinol is more efficient and the body knows how to convert this natural ingredient more efficiently¬†
    • a good example to explain how the body only takes what it needs is to compare it to taking a vitamin c supplement; your body can't absorb too much at once so it absorbs what it can and then the rest get flushed out (literally)....with this Multi-Retinol Emulsion, it's in a form that allows your body to take what it needs without taking too much (which is what causes so many people side effects with mainstream and prescription retinol versions)
    • percentage/strength is not as important as efficacy!

    Who is Marie Veronique Multi-Retinol Emulsion Best For? 

    • Multi Retinol is good for all skin types but in general will be best for those 35 plus years of age with aging / dry / dehydrated skin, or those that have inflammatory skin conditions
    • it's best for those who have already been on a prescription retinoid (or over the counter) and are looking for something strong or comparable but without unwanted ingredients
    • the Multi Retinol Emulsion is a good choice for someone who has been on the Marie Veronique Gentle Retinol Serum but is looking for a stronger option or for those who can tolerate stronger retinoids
    • it corrects and repairs damage due to collagen and elastin loss
    • it's an excellent option for people who need an essential oil free, microbiome friendly retinol option, and for those looking for a creamy luxe age-delaying night treatment
    • can be used for those with perioral dermatitis; helps reduce inflammation (optional - use with HypoTonic, Soothing B3 and/or Barrier Restore)

    Differences Between Marie Veronique's Two Retinol Products

    Retinol Usage

    • recommendations are to start with using it once or twice a week and if your skin is tolerating it well then work your way up to daily; or you can always just use it a few times a week if that's your preference or if you have sensitive skin
    • a little goes a long way so a pea-to-dime size amount is best
    • if you have sensitive skin it's best to buy the trial size first¬†
    • this product can be used around eyes and on neck as well; it can replace an eye cream
    • note that as an active product it does positively interfere with sebum production and works on moving out old congestion so it may (or may not) temporarily cause breakouts in some people; it can take up to a few months to clear out but in the end will also great help the acne from returning once the purging is done (you may consider adding in the MV Intensive Repair Serum until the purging is finished); this only happens to a small percentage of people
    • Marie Veronique's Barrier Restore Serum may not be needed if using the Multi Retinol on a daily basis as both contain barrier supportive ingredients (only very dry/depleted or compromised skin may still need both)
    • myth - it's used at night because it degrades with UV exposure - it's not going to damage your skin, but it just won't work as well if used during the day

    It took three years for the ladies at Marie Veronique to formulate this beautiful retinol, and their goal of maximizing the results of what retinol can do in a way that won't irritate the skin has certainly been achieved. Just in case this wasn't enough information for you, here are a few more resources you can check out: 

    From Marie Veronique's Blog Page:

    Introducing the First Truly Clean, Microbiome-Friendly Replacement for Prescription Retinoids

    Why We Made Multi-Retinol Emulsion

    Answering Your Questions About the Multi-Retinol Emulsion

    From the Marie Veronique Instagram:

    Video: Interview with Credo Beauty about the Marie Veronique Multi-Retinol Emulsion

    We're pretty sure this all of this should answer your questions but if you have any more please don't hesitate to ask! We're always happy to help in any way. 

    Also please let us know - have your tried this new Marie Veronique Multi Retinol Emulsion yet? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below...





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