Why I'm trying to be 'extra'....

April 23, 2020 3 min read

Why I'm trying to be 'extra'....

Almost ready to get back to talking beauty (great blog on Vitamin C coming up next); but for now still feel the need to focus on more personal bits. I saw an article this week from Gabby Bernstein (one of my fav self/help spiritual personalities) saying that her book "Judgement Detox" is suddenly selling like hotcakes again. I haven't actually read it (yet) - but the title is great and we can all get the gist of what it's about.

It really got me thinking.

During this time, there are so many different types of situations going on:

~ the single parent raising kids alone while trying to work and do everything on their own (including going groceries when you're only allowed to go by yourself)

~ the single person living by themselves and having no contact with others

~ the family person living with others and having no alone time

~ the front line workers - obviously including health-care workers but also including postal staff, grocery workers, food factory workers, custodians, and many more I'm sure

~ the families of loved ones who are very sick and can't see them in the hospitals

~ the sick ones in the hospitals who have no one with them

~ the families of those who have died; with barely a funeral and no proper family or community ceremonies 

~ the parents who are working full time and still have to take care of and educate the kids

~ the workers whose livelihood is not threatened but are so busy they can't keep up

~ the workers who have lost their jobs and have no idea if their job will be an option later

~ the workers who have lost their jobs/businesses and know it's not going to reopen

~ the teenagers trying to deal with being a teenager 

~ the parents trying to deal with the teenagers being teenagers

~ the older teens and young adults who were supposed to be graduating and/or starting higher education

~ those who struggled with mental illness before all this

~ those who are now struggling with mental illness or anxiety because of this

~ those who are telling everyone they are fine but really aren't

~ those who have no one to tell

The list could go on and on. 

And this list only represents the problems in first world countries. Imagine what the list would look like if we moved it to include those in struggling countries with no luxury of self isolating, no government relief programs, no access to clean water, and increasingly limited food supply.

Yup this is a seriously difficult time for everyone.

No one is exempt. 

And everyone has a different story. 

I am constantly working on personal growth and I'm going to take this opportunity to become more aware than ever that everyone has their own issues and I will try to be 'extra' everything. 

Extra gentle. Extra kind. Extra patient. Extra nice. Extra understanding. 

And here's an important detail; NOT ONLY TO OTHERS BUT TO YOURSELF AS WELL.

Also - please....

Reach out. Call someone. Ask for help. Tell someone you need to just have someone to talk to. Call old friends to make sure they are ok.








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