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  • Comparing Marie Veronqiue's Vitamin C Serums

    May 20, 2020 2 min read

    Comparing Marie Veronqiue's Vitamin C Serums

    Further to our last blog post explaining vitamin c in skincare, I want to answer a question we get a lot from customers to figure out which of the two Marie Veronique Vitamin C Serums is best for you. We do sell other (great options) for vitamin c, but the Marie Veronique ones continue to be our most-asked-about ones so thought it best to provide some further insight on them.

    ~ this is the 'original' vitamin c serum they've made for years

    ~ it's best for balanced/stable skin 

    ~ it is made with stabilized l-ascorbic acid plus two vitamin c derivatives - magnesium ascorbyl phosphate and tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate 

    ~ it's part of their new-ish Kristina Holey (gold label) line in which all products are designed to help boost barrier function thus improving skin (i.e. makes your skin more balanced/healthy to improve skin issues and better absorb products)

    ~ it's best for sensitive, compromised, congested, or acne-prone skin

    ~ it utilizes 4 powerful vitamin C derivatives - magnesium ascorbyl phosphatetetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, sodium ascorbic phosphate, glyceryl ascorbate

    Lots actually!

    ~ neither of the two serums have essential oils thus reducing the potential for skin irritation

    ~ both have about 7% vitamin c in total

    ~ both give similar results you'd expect from a vitamin c ....they are both going to help with collagen building and pigmentation issues

    ~ both can be used day and/or night

    It's not about which one will give the best results - they both will. You pick between these two based on your skin type

    If your skin is normal / balanced / stable then go with the Marie Veronique Vitamin C+E+Ferulic Serum.

    If your skin is sensitive / symptomatic / acne-prone then go with the Marie Veronique C Therapy Serum


    The Marie Veronique website also has some great detailed explanations about their Vitamin C Serums....but I don't think everyone know exactly where to find it on their website so here's the link; you'll find other FAQs as well, but these are the vitamin c questions they answer:

    What percentage of vitamin C is in your Vitamins C+E+Ferulic Serum?
    What’s the difference between C-Therapy and Vitamins C+E+Ferulic?
    What percentage of vitamin c is most effective for the skin?

    Hope that was helpful! We'll continue to post blogs on some of our more common questions so you can always have the info you need handy.

    All the best,

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