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  • Let's talk about small batch natural products...

    October 20, 2021 2 min read

    Let's talk about small batch natural products...

    Small Batch Natural Skincare - Variances in How They Look

    Ever get a new product and wonder why it looks so different than last time? Or do you scratch your head trying to decide if you want to use your toner that has little weird flakes in it?

    Don't worry - variances are totally NORMAL in the natural product world!

    Most of us are used to mainstream companies where every single one of the products always looks, smells, and feels identical - that's because they put in extra ingredients to ensure 'extreme uniformity'. 

    Natural brands tend to be more concerned with effectiveness and 'clean' products, so their main focus is not on pristine-perfect products, but products that work and are good for your skin.

      Most mainstream products are made in massive batches (since they use strong preservatives the companies can make very large amounts at once); natural companies make smaller batches since the products need to be used within a certain period of time (so that means every time you buy a new one, it's likely from a new batch).

      Natural toners are prone to showing small flecks and bits in them (think of it like pulp in orange juice); it's not anything gross in there - it's just part of the ingredients that wasn't able to be completely filtered out.

      Creams and lotions can have colour and even texture changes....some natural brands use organic or wild ingredients that can vary in colour from time to time and therefore the product will too; this happens with certain products more than others depending on whether they use an ingredient that is naturally prone to colour changes depending on the time of year or harvest cycle.


    Variances in colour, texture, smell, and even those little chunky flakes - they are all very normal and they speak to how natural those ingredients really are! It's like when you buy organic produce ...it might not look as perfect as the GMO ones, but you know it's way better for you. 



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