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  • Hi and welcome to our first blog post!

    February 18, 2020 2 min read

    Hi and welcome to our first blog post!

    I’m not a blogger. Nor do I want to be.

    But this is a blog. Ha!

    I’m actually not intending to be a blogger as I start this…it’s just a way for me to get information to customers on a page that's not going to disappear. And - maybe also a way to tell you gals about some random cool stuff sometimes.

    I know what you’re thinking…..that makes me a blogger (‘umm doesn't she get that?!). Maybe it does – you’re right. So let’s just say I’m not aiming to be a traditional beauty blogger; you won’t see beautiful pictures of me on every post (am I beautiful? Depends….first thing in the morning – hell no; like not remotely close. With a bit of makeup and my crazy hair tamed– I can look good).  

    Not that I have a problem with all the young beauty bloggers - some of them are fantastic, but I’m currently pushing 50 years old (or young!) in a few years and not in the least interested in self-promotion - just looking to share some insights from time to time.

    I’ve owned Lilou Organics since 2005 – when I started it was truly a niche business. I guess you can say I’m one of the pioneer on-line stores in Canada but now there are many options (some great ones and some not so much); regardless -  I’m just glad that healthier options are now mainstream and since that was the goal all along I figure the more the merrier.

    Years ago I did have a really lovely physical store as well – we closed it once the lease was up since online was a better fit for my life. However, when I had the shop customers were always asking me for advice on all things natural – from skin care to eating to supplements and much more. It’s my thing; I know a fair bit about all things healthy.  Since closing that shop, I miss the customer connections and I’ve had many tell me they miss my insights and info too.  

    So this blog (that’s not really a blog) is just going to be my way of giving you info about stuff I think might interest you. I’m not going to be trying to sell you lots of things ….just trying to do my part to educate and inspire (did I mention I was a high school teacher for ten years? It’s just kind of in me….).

    Looking forward to the journey with you.


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