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  • Skwálwen Botanicals Nourishing Oil Sampler Set

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    3 x 10 ml / .34 oz

    Featuring heritage botanicals of rosehip, cranberry, hand-harvested nettle and devil’s club, this transformative trio introduces you to the purity and potency of Indigenous beauty from the land.

    Kalkáy Wild Rose Nourishing Facial Oil, Tewin’xw Cranberry Rose Glow Facial Serum, and Shkweń Rainforest Rejuvenating Bath & Body Oil are delivered in deluxe travel sizes, nestled in a luxurious gift box, perfect for gifting. 

    View full descriptions and ingredients on each individual product page.

      In harmony with the teachings of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh ancestors, the Skwálwen Botanicals Sustainability and Regenerative Practices reflect our deepest commitment to the Earth, her abundant gifts, and the generations yet to come.

      Sustainably Hand-Harvested or Sourced

      Each plant ingredient in our line is honored with love, respect, and an understanding of the intricate rhythms of nature. We follow the seasons, the lunar cycles, and the wisdom of our ancestors to select plants at their peak potency while ensuring their continued abundance.

      Regeneratively Harvested

      We don't just take from the land; we give back, honoring the principle of reciprocity. By regenerative practices, we ensure the life-giving cycles of the plants continue unbroken, without undue pressure on wild plant populations. We foster the growth of new plants and nurture the land that nourishes them.

      Indigenous Supply Chain

      In alignment with our commitment to community and kinship, we strive to build an Indigenous supply chain. We are proud to collaborate with other local growers, fostering a network of support and mutual growth. Together, we ensure the legacy of our ancestors thrives, rooted in the shared love for our lands and traditions.

      Native Botanicals

      Our focus remains steadfast on the botanicals native to our Squamish Nation lands, the plants that have thrived in the soil of Sḵwx̱wú7mesh territory for generations. Each product embodies the spirit of our homeland, a tangible connection to the land that nourishes us all.