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  • ~ We use Canada Post for shipping.

    ~ All parcels are normally sent within 24 hours of your order being placed (often they are shipped the same day). 

    ~ Tracking information is automatically sent to you once the order has shipped.  

    Winter Shipping Guidelines:

    Many of our products are in glass jars which are prone to freezing & breaking in the winter months. To avoid this, from November to March  we apply our Winter Shipping Guidelines  to all outgoing orders. We will ship your parcel either by:

    1) Do Not Safedrop - if you aren't home to accept it, it will be brought to your local post office for you to pick up there.


    2Ship Direct to Post Office - for when it's too cold to have the order on their unheated delivery trucks; it will be sent directly to your local post office for you to pick up there. 

    Many (but not all) parcels will be shipped direct to your local post office for pick up during these cold months; which of the two above options we pick depends on: 

    ~ the temperature of the location where it's going

    ~ the products bought and if they are susceptible to cold or breaking.

    ~ many parcels going to B.C. during the winter still go directly to homes; most parcels going to the prairies go straight to post office; the rest of Canada is hit or miss and depends on the above variables.

    We look forward to warmer weather as well and as soon as spring comes we'll put up the summer shipping options and you'll then be able to have parcels shipped directly to your home. 

    For a more detailed explanation of our winter shipping guidelines pleasesee this Blog article  where we go into more depth for you! 

    Lost Parcel Procedure & Guidelines:

    We are at the mercy of Canada Post and while they are actually quite amazing at getting our parcels to their rightful destinations the vast majority of the time, very rarely a parcel does go missing.

    If a parcel is lost by Canada Post and not delivered to you, the process begins with us opening a ticket with them - we can not resend parcels until a ticket has been resolved with them. Unfortunately tickets can take up to a few weeks to resolve. However we find that most of the time, parcels are found before tickets are resolved. 

    1. If your tracking info says the parcel has been delivered but it hasn't, please wait until the next business day and then contact us to let us know (often the tracking info will say it was delivered and it shows up later in that day - which is why we ask that you wait until the next day).
    2. We will then immediately open a ticket with Canada Post. It typically takes between 5 to 10 business days for it to be resolved (with the outcome either being that they found the parcel and are delivering it, or they are declaring it lost and we will reship it). 

    In the meantime, we find that MANY parcels are found before the ticket is resolved. Some suggestions:

    ~ Please check all porches, doors, and check with neighbours in case it was given to them in error.

    ~ We've had a lot of success with people leaving notes for their mail carriers asking if they know anything about it (i.e. leave a note on your community mailbox saying you were supposed to get a parcel left it in but it wasn't there - can they check to see if they put it in the wrong mailbox).

    ~ Call your local post office and give them the tracking number to see if it ended up there. 

    If none of these turn up anything, we find that most of the time, if a ticket is opened, it often gets the parcel moving and found within the week (if it's going to be found); so a few days after opening the ticket keep an eye on the tracking info for updates. 

    IMPORTANT - Canada Post does not start investigating a ticket until they have received confirmation from the Receiver that the parcel is still missing. They normally email the Receiver to confirm this and often their emails end up in junk mail filters (thus ensuring the ticket stays dormant)....if a ticket has been opened on your lost parcel please check your junk mail daily to ensure you don't miss an email from them.