Special Order Info for Couleur Caramel

The next time we will likely place an Couleur Caramel order will be:

mid to late July 2019 

(Couleur Caramel orders typically take about 3 to 4 days to arrive to us once we've placed our order with them) 


Want to get an Couleur Caramel product or shade we don't carry?
No problem!

Please visit the Couleur Caramel to see all shades we don't carry; tell us what you want and we'll get it in for you the next time we place an order with them.

Couleur Caramel official website (from France/only in French)

Couleur Caramel USA website (not nearly as complete but in English)

Note - our prices quoted here are in Canadian $  (prices for items we carry are already on our website; this list is for items we don't carry):

Hydracoton Foundation $45.00

Natur' Fluid Foundation $41.00

Mineral Foundation $31.50

Free Powders $31.50

Pearl Touch $18.00

Kajal $27.00

Twist & Lips $27.00

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