LOLI ~ How to Use

LOLI Beauty is unlike many other brands so this page will explain a bit more about them....


Cool things about LOLI Beauty and/or their products:

  • a 'water-less' taking the water out of their formulas, they've been able to keep the ingredients super pure.
  • ingredients are food grade (not cosmetic grade); yup you could eat them but what this really means is that they are potent and effective.
  • zero waste from ingredient sourcing to formulating and packaging; all labels, bags, and accessories are bio compostable as well.
  • all kinds of good stuff - certified organic, vegan (most), non-gmo, cruelty free.


So what's what?

BASE PRODUCTS (cleaners, hydrators, treatment products) 

  • These are meant to be MULTI-USE products
  • can use most of them on their own or you can choose to add a booster or mix-in as well
  • powders will need a Mix-In (either juice, distillate, or vinegar....or you can use water from home as well if you prefer)


  • meant to be blended in with base products (i.e. blend a few drops of the Cranberry Seed Oil with your Pank Elixir to add antioxidants, or mix the Sweet Orange water with your Coconut Matcha Mask to make a paste)
  • many of the boosters can also be used on their own, or they can be blended with the bases to make custom creations

Not sure what to get?

  • you may want to visit the LOLI Beauty website and read through some of their product reviews to see what others are enjoying
  • ask us - touch base and we'll be happy to make some product recommendations
  • just go for it - you don't have to pick just one; and if you do then try one product this time and another next time to see what your fav is!