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Product Submissions

We receive many requests for product submissions; note that we are very particular about the brands we carry so please do not send us information on new brands unless your ingredients are truly natural, your company does not use animal testing, your practices and packaging are eco-friendly, and your company is socially and ethically conscious. If you want to tell us about your brand, please send us an email with:

  • the company website
  • complete ingredient listings (if they are not listed on the website)
  • pricing/policies

We will not consider looking at anything unless we first have a complete/full ingredient listing. Once we see this information, we will contact you if we are interested in having samples sent to us for review. 


We love bloggers and feel this is a great way to let people know about our products - however we do receive more requests than we can fill. Please email us your blog and what product you're looking to review.....we'll certainly take a look at it and will be in touch if we're interested. Please make sure to let us know what country you're from in the email since in our experience it's not always easy to get this info on the blog.