About Us

beauty or health– it doesn’t have to be a choice.

We think of Lilou Organics as our customers’ best friend. The kind of friend you can count on to deliver honest information, and the very best recommendations on products that are good for you …your family …and, our planet.

As your friend, we only introduce products from like-minded companies that share in our core values of sustainability, fair trade, social responsibility, and no animal testing. You can be sure if a product is available for you to buy, it’s because we’ve tried it first and love it enough to know that you will too.

We help you to make informed decisions about the beauty products you use every day. Our ingredients are listed up-front so that you can trust the goodness found within extends beyond the marketing hype of labelling something simply as “organic”. Our friendship circle includes thousands of loyal customers who have made us their go-to store for beauty products with a conscience. Their repeat business is a testament to the fact that our products aren’t just healthy …they work!

Lilou Organics is a proud Canadian company that sources local products whenever possible. We’re truly passionate about inspiring our customers to make healthy choices that help them look beautiful, feel good, and stay safe.


Meet Lisa Schmidt, Owner of Lilou Organics

About Lilou Organics"I founded Lilou Organics shortly after the birth of our daughter. Having a baby suddenly made me an avid label-reader, and I quickly realized that all of my name-brand baby products were full of harmful chemicals and carcinogens. I tried finding products that I felt good about using on our new little angel. Sadly, very few stores actually carried the high-quality natural products I was looking for. Worse, I had no way of truly knowing which were genuinely “all natural” as claimed and which weren’t. After becoming obsessed with researching ingredients and brands, I soon realized there was a huge need for an organic beauty boutique with high standards and a great selection. Today, our whole family uses only luxurious, effective, safe and truly all-natural eco-friendly products …the only kinds of products you’ll ever find at my store. I want our customers to enjoy the same thing we’ve discovered — that a green and healthy lifestyle can be easy, convenient and beautiful.”

- Lisa Schmidt, Owner


How else can we help you? What else do we know?

  • We know that you’re confused with all the ‘greenwashing’ out there, so we filter out the ‘not so good’ organic brands from the ‘really good’ ones. Don’t get fooled by a pretty product that says it’s organic – it’s what’s inside that matters, not what the marketers say on the label.
  • We know that some of you are more familiar with ingredients than others so we list all ingredients on every product; even among our high quality brands, some have better ingredients than others - we provide you with full disclosure so you can make your own informed decisions.
  • We know that you like to support ethical companies, so research our brands (a lot!) to make sure the products are ethically sourced – no animal testing and no slave labour.
  • We know that you like buy from companies that have a conscience. Most of the companies we deal are simply phenomenal ethical, charitable organizations who give a lot of their time and energy to saving the planet, cancer prevention, sustainable development, and so much more; we are drawn to companies who truly care about our world and the legacy we all leave behind.
  • We know you like to have fresh products and since we have a high turnover rate you’ll never get old stock; we’re also super picky about storing everything by first in-first out, so it’s always fresh for you.
  • We know you like products that have been tested and we don’t carry anything we wouldn’t use ourselves. Testing new products is pretty fun, so we don’t mind this at all! 
  • We know you like to shop Canadian and although not all of our lines are made in Canada, we strive to find what we want here first and if we can’t then we shop around for the best quality products and the most effective formulas from around the world.
  • We know you’re concerned about reducing waste and we recycle everything possible. We always use the most eco-friendly options in everything we buy and use, and make a huge effort to reuse everything we can (hence some odd names on the boxes you may receive your order in!).
  • We know you like nice people and good customer service and we’re friendly, fun, and really enjoy what we do…..we think that’s really important since goodness knows it’s not always the case when you go shopping!