Trial size for Suki Daily Toner

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Lilou-made trial size in glass spray vial for Suki Daily Toner(approx 3-4 uses worth; pls note that sediment in natural toners is completely normal and may appear in either your regular or sample size bottles).

This product is only made in one size, so we have made our own trial/sample sizes; some things you should know...

  • one per order/customer
  • small sizes are not environmentally friendly and we encourage you only to buy them if you are testing out a new product
  • trial sizes are not ideal for testing out efficacy of serums; most serums are meant to help skin conditions over a period of time and using it for a couple days will not result in noticeable differences; the trial sizes for serums are best for people who have sensitive skin and want to make sure they won't react to it
  • trial sizes are very small and no more cost effective than regular sizes - the price is based on how many trial sizes we were able to get out of one regular size 

Trial sizes are a great way to test out the texture of a product and make sure your skin agrees with it before buying a regular size.