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LOLI Beauty ~ (Mix-in) Tumeric Root

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Size:  .24 oz / 7 ml

An ancient anti-inflammatory - best for redness, calming, dry skin, breakouts, dullness.

The secret’s out: Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory superhero. But we’ve got something more potent than what’s in your spice cabinet—an essential oil that deeply penetrates to rejuvenate, and to heal redness, dryness and breakouts. 

WARNING: this is an essential oil that should not be applied directly to skin. Please see recipes for directions on how to blend this essential oil into LOLI bases and/or read usage instructions carefully.

  • native to South Asia, its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties have been revered since 500 B.C. as medicine in Ayurveda (the traditional Hindi practice of healing and balancing the body through diet, herbs and yogic breathing).
  • here’s the high-performance version of Turmeric Root: a potent essential oil that soothes inflammation to restore the integrity of your skin.
  • redness, dryness, breakouts, dullness—a few drops of Turmeric EO added to your facial oil, moisturizer, serum or mask saves the day.

  • face ~ combination ~ breakouts ~ inflammation
  • soothes ~ calms ~ defends ~ treats
  • organic ~food grade ~ non gmo ~ vegan ~ gluten free ~ steam distilled

How to Use:

  • always dilute essential oil with a carrier oil before applying to skin (meaning...don't ever apply directly to skin; must always be mixed with something).
  • combine just a couple drops with any LOLI elixir, brûlée or mix-in oil and gently massage or pat into skin.

Ingredients: organic turmeric root essential oil