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LOLI Beauty ~ (Mix-in) Prickly Pear Seed

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Size:  .24 oz / 7 ml

Harness this cactus’s natural gifts to quench dehydrated skin - rejuvenating, hydrating, improves skin elasticity, increases cell turnover, fights free radicals.

Cacti are truly a phenomenon in the plant kingdom. Their seeds are specialists at thriving in dry, unforgiving environments. What this means for you? Tap this prickly plant to give skin and hair the refreshing hydration and protection it needs, and you’ll never look at a succulent garden the same way again.

  • the prickly pear is especially unique and well adapted to survive against all odds with its abundance of fatty acids, which also happen to be beneficial for skin: linoleic acid boosts cell turnover and improves skin elasticity; oleic acid is anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating; and palmitic acid balances pH.
  • prickly pear also packs plenty of vitamin E to protect against daily stress, from stuffy subway rides to sleepless nights.
  • when dull skin or lifeless hair needs a major refresh, give it a drink of Prickly Pear Seed Oil and carry on.

    • face ~ hair ~ body
    • smoothes ~ nourishes ~ glow ~ revitalizes
    • organic ~food grade ~ non-gmo ~ vegan ~ gluten free ~ cold pressed ~ earth friendly


    • Warm 3 to 4 drops in your hands, then press your palms against your cheeks and forehead, and finish by gently patting your nose and chin.
    • Or you may add a few drops to any LOLI brûlèe or hydrator.

    Ingredients: Prickly Pear Seed Oil