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Giddy YoYo Raw Chocolate - Raw Love Butter (dated; best before May 2020)

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On sale - one regular size only; best before date of May 2020 (this product is amazing!!! As either a sexual lubricant or a fantastic body oil).

Our Raw Love Butter is a full body moisturizer that easily absorbs into the skin and smells like chocolate – Yum!

Perfect for use all year-round; from effectively moisturizing dry, cracked skin in the cold winter months, to post summer sun moisturizing- soothing and healing those inevitable sunburns… Giddy’s got you covered! It melts easily at body temperature and has a silky/creamy consistency making it perfectfor use as a massage oil and lubricant**. Spread it on and get it on!

  • perfect for use all year round to effectively nourish dry, cracked skin, sooth and heal sunburns
  • revitalize dull hair and flaky scalp
  • use as a massage oil or a personal (edible) lubricant 

Ingredients: Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Rallis Ice Pressed Olive Oil, Organic Raw Ground Vanilla Bean