Dr Mist Deodorant & Body Spray - Cool Mist

Size:  1.6 fl oz / 50 ml

Cool Mist - baby powder scent.

Dr.Mist is an an extremely effective natural deodorant which effectively kills body odor while allowing pores to breathe and flushing out toxins. Although it is marketed primarily as a deodorant, Dr. mist kills bacteria in general so can also be used to accelerate healing in wounds, acne. eczema, cold sores, insect bites, and skin itchiness. 

  • Works on people and animals.
  • Spray on clean feet, inside shoes and underwear for total freshness.
  • Dr. Mist will also take all odors out of sports equipment and helmets for days. 
  • Sports enthusiasts have a real following for Dr. Mist.

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