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Winter Shipping

Cold weather shipping can be tricky but our years of experience means we have it figured out! 

Although winter shipping is not as convenient for our customers - we use these guidelines to ensure your products arrive to you in one piece!

All parcels will be shipped with instructions to either:

1) Do Not Safedrop (only if the contents are fairly stable in cold weather and not in breakable bottles); if you aren't home to accept it, it will be brought to your local post office.

2) Ship Direct to Post Office - products typically break in the cold when they are on delivery trucks for the day, left in community boxes, or left on doorsteps. If the contents are in breakable bottles or are not stable in cold, we will have your order shipped direct to your local post office for pick up. 

Please note! 

- these guidelines are typically in effect from early Nov to late March but can vary depending on weather

- we look at the weather (of the destination) with EACH parcel so it won't necessarily be the same if you order a few times over the winter.  We always look at each order individually, the weather forecast where it's going to, and then we make our decision for that particular order on how best to ship it so it arrives safely.