UMA Wellness Oil Trial Kit

This exclusive sampler kit allows you to sample all of the UMA legendary wellness oils – for the ultimate balance and bliss! Our farm-to-bottle wellness blends incorporate centuries of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy wisdom, to help you counter modern ailments. Use their wellness blends topically, diffuse them in your home or office, or add a few drops to your bath for a sublime sensory experience.

Each UMA Oils Wellness Oil Trial Kit contains 3 ml bottles of each of:

  • Pure Calm Wellness Oil
  • Pure Energy Wellness Oil
  • Pure Bliss Wellness Oil
  • Pure Rest Wellness Oil
  • Gorgeous for Good Wellness Oil

Key Benefits of UMA Oils Wellness Oils:

UMA Wellness Oils are highly targeted therapeutic blends that leverage generations of Ayurvedic expertise to provide relief from frustrating modern ailments. Each healing formula works to restore internal equilibrium and treat common issues like insomnia, depression, anxiety, and lethargy. These botanical remedies rival their synthetic counterparts in potency – without harmful side effects. 

  • Pure Calm was formulated by our team of experts to naturally alleviate anxious feelings and stress, while promoting tranquility and balance from within.
  • Pure Energy helps you to naturally fight fatigue and boost energy, while sharpening focus and mental acuity.
  • Pure Bliss helps to alleviate feelings of grief and stress, working rapidly to restore emotional balance when you need it most.
  • Pure Rest naturally relieves nighttime restlessness, without side effects or dependence.
  • Gorgeous for Good is a sublime, fragrant blend that centers, uplifts and inspires you. It can work as a beautiful complement to a meditation practice, and also as a great natural alternative to perfume!


Massage 4-5 drops of Uma Pure Energy Wellness Oil between your toes, onto the bottom of your feet, pulse points, temples, behind the ears, or all of the above for the ultimate experience. Take a deep inhale from your hands to enjoy the aromatic experience. Works wonderfully with aromatherapy diffusers.

Ingredients: Please see individual product pages for complete ingredient details. 

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