Tsi-La Organic Natural Perfume Discovery Kit

Tsi-La’s Sample Kit is the perfect way to test five of their scents before committing to a full-sized bottle.

  • In this discovery kit, you’ll be able to wear each natural fragrance individually or layer multiple scents to match your mood.
  • The Tsi-La five mini-sized natural perfume oils vials are also perfectly sized for travel or tucking into your purse for a refresher anytime, anywhere.
  • All Tsi-La organic perfume oils are Animal Cruelty-Free, Completely Natural, Vegan, Free from Harmful Synthetics, Color and Preservative-Free.

Perfume paper swatches available upon request if there is a Tsi-La perfume you want to smell but is not available as part of this kit - when purchasing the kit just ask us to include paper swatches of whichever other scents you want to try as well and we will include them.

Ingredients: Please see individual product listings for full ingredient details.

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