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Lorna Vanderhaeghe - GLA Skin Oil Capsules

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Size:  90capsules

For Healthy & Beautiful Skin.

GLA (gamma linolenic acid) is a fatty acid that’s extremely beneficial for beautiful skin, however it is only found in high concentrations in borage oil. GLA is not found in food in high enough quantities to maintain our needs through diet alone.

  • Ensures beautiful, smooth, glowing skin
  • Improves calcium retention in bones
  • Treats eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis
  • Reduces breast and period pain
  • Stops cradle cap and dermatitis in infants
  • Can also be applied topically along with oral treatment

GLA, Menopause and Skin:

In women who have gone through menopause, the enzyme that converts food into GLA becomes impaired. GLA is a major component of beautiful skin. GLA makes your skin luminescent, dewy and glowing. The main reason our skin becomes dull and thick after menopause is due to the inability to make GLA. After menopause it is essential that we take a daily dose of GLA to ensure beautiful skin. As we age GLA can reduce inflammation in the skin associated with wrinkled skin. Without sufficient GLA the skin becomes dry, rough and wrinkled. GLA is the beautiful skin oil. 

GLA and Skin Health:

GLA is a component of healthy skin. GLA helps to maintain the stability and fluidity of the natural water loss barrier in our skin. Skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dermatitis, cradle cap, acne and dry skin occur. GLA is vital for keeping skin cells moist and strong improving the barrier function of the skin.


Ingest orally or use directly on skin for the following conditions: 

  • Eczema is a common problem in infants and children. GLA is safe for all ages without the side effects seen with steroid creams.
  • Cradle cap and infant dermatitis or dry crusts on the skin occur on the scalp, face, armpits, chest and groin area and can be treated with topical GLA oil. One teaspoon containing 500mg of GLA should be applied twice a day.
  • GLA has also been found to inhibit male hormones in the skin that cause acne. GLA can be taken both internally and applied externally to acne prone areas with excellent results. 

Each softgel contains:

GLA (from organic Canadian borage seeds) - 240 mg

This product does not contain artificial preservatives, colours or sweeteners, dairy, soy, wheat or yeast, vegan, and gluten-free.

Recommended Dosage: 

Adults (12 years and older): Take 1 to 4 softgels per day. 

Best before dates for this batch are: 05/21.