UMA Face Oil Trial Kit

This sampler kit allows you to sample all UMA face oils! Tailored specifically to respond to the full spectrum of your skin’s needs (from alleviating wrinkles to fighting dark spots and redness!), this kit is the perfect way to sample all of Uma’s ultra-potent face oils and select your favorite for long-term use.

Each UMA Oils Face Oil Trial Kit contains 3 ml bottles of each of:

  • Absolute Anti-Aging Face Oil
  • Ultimate Brightening Face Oil
  • Total Rejuvenation Night Face Oil
  • Beauty Boosting Day Face Oil
  • Deeply Clarifying Face Oil

Key Benefits of UMA Oils Face Oils:

  • Moisture-rich oils deeply hydrate skin to prevent dryness and breakage
  • Stimulate rapid cell turnover, to generate healthy new skin cells and minimize damage from free radicals and environmental factors
  • Provide rich moisture and enhances elasticity, to prevent wrinkles and dryness
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory extracts minimize redness and even out complexion, for instantly brighter skin
  • Balance and soften skin texture, for a visible glow
  • Botanical anti-bacterial agents combat acne-causing bacteria on the skin and also help regulate the skin’s sebum production 

Please see individual products for complete ingredient details. 

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