LOLI Beauty ~ Aloe Blueberry Jelly

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Size:  1.2 oz / 35 ml

A soothing gel moisturizer for combination skin.

A savior for oily, combination or sensitive skin, Aloe Blueberry Jelly is the quintessential hydrator for people who fear heavy cream moisturizers. And there’s no water, no filler—just pure aloe vera juice for your skin to drink up.
  • this isn’t your typical gel formula, which is often diluted with 95% water; there’s absolutely no filler here.
  • organic aloe vera  juice delivers balanced hydration, while organic blueberry fruit extract shrinks pores and blemishes down to size.
  • organic grape alcohol rounds out this exquisite jelly with antioxidant polyphenols and antibacterial properties to give skin a supple, fresh-faced finish.
  • a perfectly primed canvas for makeup, or clean, matte moisture for no-makeup days.

    • face ~ combination ~ combo/oily ~ body ~ breakouts
    • soothes ~ detoxifies ~ hydrates
    • organic ~ food grade ~ non gmo ~ vegan ~ gluten free ~ earth friendly


    • Warm a dab of jelly between your fingers, then gently pat it into dry or damp skin.
    • You can also smooth Aloe Blueberry Jelly on sunburns or bug bites for a cooling sigh of relief (even better if you refrigerate it first).

    What's in it? 

    • Aloe Vera Juice ~ a soothing drink to quench skin. Made by crushing, purifying and filtering aloe leaf, this juice is a soother, hydrator and collagen booster to restore elasticity.
    • Organic Grape Alcohol ~ a gentle clarifying spirit to zap pimples. A natural alcohol that lends antibacterial properties to cleanse skin and prevent blemishes. But its crowning glory is its antioxidant polyphenols from organic grapes.
    • Glycerine ~ a moisture-locking superhero derived from veggies. A natural compound that attracts and seals in moisture to maximize the power of oils and moisturizers and keep skin optimally hydrated.
    • Blueberry Fruit Extract ~ an antioxidant dream to protect and purify. Rich in antioxidants, including resveratrol, which keeps skin looking youthful and protects against UV damage. Naturally occurring salicylates purify pores and diminish blemishes.
    • Xantham Gum ~ the secret to a delightful jelly texture. This natural thickener gives a pleasant skin feel and stabilizes active ingredients for the most potent and pleasurable skin care possible.

    Ingredients: Organic Aloe Leaf Juice (Aloe Barbadensis)(**), Organic Alcohol(*), Organic Glycerin(***), Organic Blueberry Fruit Extract (Vaccinium Corymbosum)(*), Xanthan Gum(**)

    (*) organic (**) organic, food grade (***) organic, vegetable source