Which Suki Cycle are you in?

August 04, 2022 3 min read

Which Suki Cycle are you in?

In case you didn't notice already, Suki has completely rebranded recently - and the results are pretty stunning! We've been carrying this amazing brand for almost twenty years now so we've seen some changes...but this is a big one.

1. Suki Skincycles

One of the biggest updates is that they've changed how they categorize their product selection...they now classify products under each Skincycle for 'every stage of life' - take a look at the chart here and see which Skincycle you're in (these can fluctuate with time/seasons of course and you might be in more than one at a time).


2. New Products

Rich Overnight Cream- finally Suki has a wonderful heavy cream! While their Nourishing Cream is lovely and has always been very popular, for some people in the cold winter months, it's not hydrating/heavy enough so here's the answer with their new cream. Designed to hydrate with Sterols and Hyaluronate, it's the answer for skin that is really thirsty and loves a cream.

Daily Lotion- a beautiful daily lotion for all skin types packed with Green Tea Extract and Jojoba Oil; great addition for 'normal' skin types.

Facial Lift Firming Serum- my favourite new product for sure because who doesn't love a good firming serum? With Edelweiss Skin Cell Extract and Bakuchiol (a retinol alternative that stimulates collagen), this is perfect for those looking to lift, firm, and boost!


3. Updated Formulas & New Names

Over time new ingredients become available - better preservatives, better ingredients...and so updates are normal and what we want (much to the chagrin of those who hate changes...but these changes are only to improve formulas). The following products have a new name and/or ingredient/formula changes: 

Strengthening Toner - is now - Daily Toner (updated formula)

Clarifying Toner - is now - Purifying Concentrated Toner (updated formula)

Nourishing Day Cream (updated formula)

Balancing Day Lotion - is now - Purifying & Balancing Lotion (updated formula)

Nourishing Facial Oil - is now - Facial Oil (updated formula)

Balancing Facial Oil - is now - Purifying Facial Oil (updated formula)

Hyaluronic Acid Milk Serum (updated formula)

Purifying Face Serum - is now - Purifying Blemish Serum

Radical Results Youth Serum - is now - Natural Retinol Serum

Eye Lift Renewal Cream - is now - Eye Lift Cream (updated formula)

Also - many products have new sizes ... a few have decreased, but more have increased; we really like the new sizes for the serums and oils - much bigger than they used to be. 


4. New Packaging

The new products are BEAUTIFUL - seriously, they are (they're made in Italy). The bottles and jars are super pretty, modern, and everyone who sees them in person goes 'ooohhh, ahhhh.....'. You'll love them. :)


5. Increased Sustainability

Suki has actually always been very eco-aware, even before it was the norm; now they're taking it up a notch and we love it. First is their introduction of Refills for their two most popular moisturizers (Purifying and Nourishing)....you have to buy a regular bottle the first time but after that you just buy the refill and pop it into that beautiful outer bottle....much cheaper too; it's a win-win!

The other super cool eco initiative it that their new outer packaging (the boxes) are made from paper of discarded fruit rinds! Citrus, kiwi, corn, cocoa, coffee, olives, grapes, hazelnuts, almonds, lavender, and cherries. Love this so much!!


NOTE - not all products are available yet in the new packaging/branding....they've been rolling them in gradually; the only ones we don't yet have in the new branding are the Era Cream and Era Spray (and the exfoliates were on backorder but we should have more of the new branded ones in by the end of the month; in the meantime we have a lot of the older branding for the exfoliates - we bought extra since we knew the new branding was on backorder for a bit).

Check out the new Suki website  if you want to find out more - they also have a great Instagram account if you want to follow them (ours is lovely too!). :)

Shop for Suki products on our website HERE



All Suki products in older packaging now 15% off; until quantities last (starting today; no back-dating); prices shown on website.

Hope you love the new Suki as much as I do; let me know what your favourite updates/changes are! 


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