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  • Hidden Gems I'd love to share with you.

    June 22, 2020 3 min read

    Hidden Gems I'd love to share with you.

    I often get asked what my favourite products are and of course it's hard to answer since I have so many that I really love....and soon I'll write a blog post of my favs; but today is a twist on it. I want to tell you all about what are some of my favourite products that are not amongst our most popular - our hidden gems!

    So this is not a list of best-selling products, nor a list of my favourites (because many of my favourites are among the most popular as well)....this is my list of 'I love this product so much and I don't understand why it's not more popular than it is'. 

    This just melts away muscle pain and smells like a candy cane (so a clean version of the drug store muscle rubs); a real niche product that we only carry because we have a small but loyal clientele who would be (rightly) devastated if we didn't have it. 

    I love this serum so much but I don't think a lot of people understand how to use it. It's meant to be applied before you wash your hair (for a few minutes up to overnight; however long you want!), and even though it's not meant to be a styling product (it's meant to be like a deep conditioning/repairing), I always have a good hair day when I've used it. 

    As a brand, the Body Deli is a very popular one for us so I didn't include anything from them other than this one lonely little product which for some reason doesn't sell nearly as much as the rest of the line - but it's really lovely! Think of it as a hydrating toner or hydrating mist ...feels fabulous on the skin.

    You could literally eat this (and yes if you're using as a lube it's definitely edible); but other than the amazing smell, it's also a super hydrating moisturizer (for all body parts!). In the summer our whole family uses this on our arms and legs if we've been at the beach.


    This was hard because there are quite a few really amazing undiscovered gems in this brand (the Cornflower Water, the Plum Elixir just to name a few); but my favourite is this Purple Grains - and that's quite a feat against our super duper popular Suki Exfoliate, but I love this exfoliate just as much.

    If you're anywhere near my age category then you're always looking for anti-aging products. This one works from the inside and tastes delicious - so why not?!


    For travelling these are simply the best; or for the gym (ok maybe not so much these days) - even for those super lazy days when you just can't bear the cleansing routine. Love these wipes. 

    My favourite lipsticks; their colours are beautiful and the texture is creamy and luscious. I like their Sheer Lipstick just as much - and they are perfect for when you don't want to worry about applying too carefully.

    Yes this is a bit of a luxury pic and that's how it feels every night when I put it on; I love the smell of this so much that I purposely make it the last thing I put on during my facial routine so the smell lingers.


    Little thing that makes a big difference; so much softer than any other facecloth I've ever used; great for keeping the cleansing routine gentle.


    That's it folks! That's my top ten list of products that aren't on our best seller list (so you likely haven't tried them), but I think you'll love.  If you have any questions of course let me know!

    Hope you are safe and healthy. 


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